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Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Maybe you did, maybe you did not.

Hear about ‘your Higher Self’. With capital letters. A widely acclaimed ‘Now Age’ vocab, conceptualizing this beautiful idea of a complete, perfect and totally spiritual part of us all.

More commonly referred to us as our ‘Soul’, our Higher Self is supposed to have ALL the answers we ever need. It is the part of us who knows exactly what we aim for, what we are made for, what we are here to achieve. What makes us wake up in the morning and feel totally alive & happy. A very wise & knowledgable little version of us, which I personally picture as a mix of a tiny Buddha and inspiring gypsy woman with butterflies in her hair.

The very cool part of this Higher Self, is the fact that once you connect to it, you can never feel totally out of depth or lost anymore. Because you are connected to this divine part of yourself (I can cope with this idea, and invite you to!) and always feel something bigger has your back.

Many guided meditations invite you to reach out to this Inner Self concept – You can be invited to discover your Higher Self in the ‘Lake Meditation‘, one of my favorite. (Thank you Ageliki for it).

Start imagining yourself walking through a peaceful, abondant forest, you come across a beautiful lake. Entering the lake, you then dive slowly into it, and start going deeper & deeper into it – Coming to the bottom of its blue/green waters, you meet this character waiting for you – could be a fairy, an animal, a human, a cartoon character (why not?), anything that makes you feel serene, secure and at peace.This encounter is your Higher Self that you can nicely chat to, bathe with and ask any questions you wish enlightenment on.

This woman of the Lake is for me always joyful, playful and always brings me super interesting feedbacks on what I am going through.

I came recently across the lovely Katelyn Edgar, spiritual & intuitive coach : an open definition for this young woman connecting to angels and using crystals to cleanse auras. Sounds overwhelming to you ? Just try her 40 minutes guided audio to play with this Higher Self of yours. It is the most playful and self explanatory immersion I have ever came across.

Here is the direct link to her website page to access the Inner Self meditation – just click & enjoy (or not. And let me know about it) Katelyn Edgar

Indulge yourself with this spiritual parenthesis in your crazy day. As one of those many things we so often plan and never get around to. Let me know what you get out of it, I am sure if you allow yourself to play the game, you will be amazed. And have found yourself a very cool new friend.

Let yourself open to the idea of reaching out for something that may initially sound a little too spiritual or New Age to you. At the end of the day, we all finally tend to agree slowly that there is so much more of a dimension to us than a pure physical one … as we grow wiser (and a little older too).

I plan to tell you more soon about so many other fascinating discoveries … But this will all come in right time.

Enjoy your Higher Self for now, and keep me posted !

With Love,


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