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Updated: Jan 13, 2019

What we love, at the Yoga Mama Club, is sharing what we find inspiring: whether it is a Yoga teacher who brings brand new insights to a practice, a great hotel which has just opened with interesting concept, a city full of treasures, an Art exhibition not to be missed...

In the Winter months, after a long Summer in my small Sifnos island in the Cyclades where I live, I am packed with energy and curiosity to re-explore the urban life again, and dive into the rythm and vibrance of major European capitales.

This is why The Yoga Mama Club started taking you for City Yoga Week End, where we will share with you all the favorite addresses we have scouted, a lot through local friends, and invite you to dive into explorations with us. Nothing pleases me more than discovering a new Yoga studio, following a class in local language with local yogis! And this is how I discover new amazing souls to bring to the Club. We spend days scouting the City to try the little vegan cafés, check the latest exhibitions & major museums, find the best energy therapists or astrologer in town, just to share it with you all.

Madrid was a BLAST, last Novembre.... with 10 radiant girls having travelled from Brussels, Istanbul, Stockholm, Amsterdam & Paris to join 3 days with The Club.

Staying at the Only You hotel, full center, we followed our beloved Carla Sanchez starting with a private class at the Ashtanga Yoga center, just to unwrap for our travels. Carla has been a close team partner for years, leading beautiful weeks in Sifnos island and Ibiza, now relocated to Madrid, her home town. We love her inspired flow and amazing glow, bringing to the class an angel touch every time.

As we super value you to feel FREE, evenings are always open: where you decide to get together and follow the Tribe plan, or enjoying absolute freedom using the recommendations of places to go & things to do, given by the Yoga Mama after extensive scouting all over town! Most of us still went on a Tapas Tour Friday night... joyfully swirling around some of the best Tapas places in Madrid following the enlightened recommendations of Spanish friends.

Because we believe that Art and contemplating beautiful things is always a strong way to get inspired and uplifted, all guests had the Yoga Mama Art Pass in hands for the week end, allowing them to visit Reina Sofia, Prado and Thyssen museums at their own pace, and cutting through the lines of course. This had to be a part of the Week end.

Saturday, after a sunny breakfast on the Hotel roof, we joined the Secret Yoga Club, founded by Carla, which hosted a special Worshop in the historical Fencing School of Madrid, where we gathered with 50 other Madrilenes yogis for a flowing experience of Vinyasa in the most original set up.

Sunday, a more intimate version of Yoga practice in Madrid was offered to guests, with a class led by Eliza Coolsma, in the lovely set up of the Wunder House. The Vinyasa Flow of Eliza brings a sense of quietness and focus, through her precision and gentleness - she was a real discovery in Madrid, don't miss out on following her while in town!

We take brunch seriously, so the Tribe gathered at Dray Martina for a serious moment of laughs - whether being light & detoxing with great juices, or indulging in pancakes, we will always offer you options. Because we believe that what matters is your awareness in deciding what you need right now, not setting rules for all.

For all our spots, follow The Yoga Mama Club on the app mapstr.

For all week ends to come, suscribe to our Newsletter.

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