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Visiting Sifnos. Yeah.

My favorite spots & places.

More & more of you are visiting Sifnos (we understand that... how could you not...), and I am often asked about my favorite adresses and local places. Of course, this is totally personal, and depends on what you are looking for ... but I trust you will navigate those few suggestions deciding whether this sounds like your kind spot!

Another post planned soon about things to & stuff not to miss...

Here are my recommended hotels, restaurants, bars & shopping places - I would LOVE to hear back from you with any comments you have, please!

How to get to Sifnos.

From Athens, you will jump on a boat from Piraeus port, with about 2,5 to 3 hours cruise to the island. The very best website to plan your trip?

You may decide to take a local flight to Paros island, which during high summer season now offers daily boats to Sifnos, for a shorter boat cruise.

Where to stay in Sifnos?

Starting with my favorite hotels, bear in mind there are more & more airbnb available across the island. August is packed, if you can avoid this month: DO. If not, make sure you plan ahead to get your #1 choice of place.

The Petali Village Hotel - Apollonia: The Petali is the hotel I stayed in on my very first visit to Sifnos (and many more times after that!). It holds a very special place in my heart & I highly recommend it for the best 'Greek lifestyle' experience, being perfectly located close to Apollonia, the main village of Sifnos. I love being able to walk down to Apollonia (5 minutes through lovely Cycladic street & stairs), so convenient for morning coffees & evenings in town. The Petali has very neat and spacious rooms, together with great options of larger suites and apartments for families, adding to its small pool & jacuzzi which make it great to chill before zooming off to various beaches.

The breakfasts are rich, homely prepared, and served to you facing the Aegean sea across Anti Paros, which makes it super unique too.

Rates from 120€ to 300€ depending on season & type of rooms.

The Kamaroti Suites @juliaetedi

The Kamaroti Suites - Poulati: Located just outside Artemonas (adjacent village to Apollonia, and displaying a few opulent, classic properties), on the way down to Poulati bay. The Kamaroti is nestled amidst an olive trees grove, created by David & Victor, 2 Spanish brothers with a great eye for details & a lovely sense of relaxed, genuine hospitality. We love them as much as the beautiful set up of the Hotel, the purity of materials they chose & their committed care for environmentally friendly approach. The pool offers an amazing swimming corridor, and all here invites to relaxation & contemplation. Including the quality of the (CocoMat) beds: if you come to Sifnos exhausted and need a break from it all: this is your place!

This is exactly why we hold our Yoga Mama Weeks there too...

Rates from 120€ to 300€ depending on season & type of rooms.

The Verina properties - Astra in Poulati and Suites in Platis Yalos. The Verina hotels are both fantastic options for different reasons: The Verina Suites is located in the bay of Platis Yalos, ideal spot in busy summer and for families, looking for an easy access to the beach (across the road...) and wanting easy flow of 'logistics'. The hotel has a lovely pool & pool bar area, offering the healthiest type of breakfasts & food in Sifnos - if you are searching for clean food option: this is your #1 place!

The Verina Suites has as well the best outside Yoga Shala, and this is where we hold Yoga classes in the Summer - again making it a great healthy & happy option.

The Verina Astra is a luxury (very romantic) get away, located on the bay of Poulati, with a stunning view over sea & nature, with a walking distance access for morning dives into the Poulati rocks waters. The attention to details, level of decoration & lay out of the very large rooms and suites make it a place you may not even want to get out of, with beautiful private terraces. The great sense of service, brought in by Isidora & Miltos, make it a truly outstanding spot in Sifnos.

Rates from 160€ to 400€ depending on season & type of rooms.

Where to Eat in Sifnos? About Restaurants

Maiolica - Platis Yalos: Located on the "liveliest" beach of the island, Maiolica offers a great personal interpretation of mediterranean cuisine, mixing Greek, oriental & healthy influences in beautifully executed dishes.

I love this place as you may find vegetarian options shall you wish, together with a great wine list (because hey, you know). Set on the beach, so obviously feet in the sand, why not...

Omega 3 Fish Bar - Platis Yalos: Close to Maiolica, Omega hardly needs introduction anymore, as people actually travel to Sifnos for it... This fish bar has been serving the most creative dishes, always re-inventing themselves through anything fishy that excites the mind of George & his great cooking team. Ceviches, tiraditos, perfectly grilled fishes & the best sea urchins soup. Ever.

Yannis does the best job at welcoming you, and advising amongst the impeccable and rich wines selection, for which Omega 3 is famous for (too).

A must for sure, and a place to book in advance while in Sifnos.

Mamma Mia - Apollonia & Platis Yalos: Strange to say that my favorite Italian restaurant is in Greece, but hey, it is! When you will have your share of Greek salads, come to Mamma Mia for a refreshing Burrata and a nice glass of Chianti. The fresh pastas of Filippo (don't miss out on the fresh fish specials of the day...) & the pizzas are just fantastic. For sure, you will be charmed too by the unique Italian vibes & welcome, family style & greatly led by Andrea.

One spot located in Apollonia, another one in Platis Yalos, right on the beach. Loving them both, Mamma.

Mosaicos - Artemonas: A charming location for this traditional, taverna style restaurant, hidden in the back streets of Artemonas village. The main terrace looks over a lovely Cycladic church, the homely cooked dishes, together with Georgio & Maria's warm welcome, make the nicest possible experience of Greek hospitality.

About Greek Tavernas

Drakakis - Apolonia. My favorite 'Greek cantine', a classic of Greek mama food, just the way it is meant to be. Apart from great salads, you will mostly find meat & stews there, and traditional dishes such as aubergines in the oven, lamb & meatballs, the best smoked sausages, all perfectly & efficiently served. Set in the higher part of the Steno, Apollonia main pedestrian street, it is the spot to see & be seen too, if such spot should exist on the island!

Tsikali - Vathi. While visiting Vathi, this is definitely my preferred beach taverna, on the right hand site past the Church on the Bay. Under the tamaris, you will enjoy all the greek classics, from the Choriatiki (greek salad), to marinated anchovies but please, don't miss out on the Spanakopita (spinach pie) - to me, the BEST of the island.

Apokofto - Chrissopigi. Sifnos locals have been debating endlessly whether the best tavernas was the first or the second one in Chrissopigi, on the sandy beach part called Apokofto. And this has been a dividing factor for years! I still stand to my choice: the second one (the white & blue one vs the brown one). I love that you can pick up your food by checking what's in the kitchen displays, their grilled sardines, and and and: their Yemistas: stuffed tomatoes or peppers that they prepare beautifully. Choose your side.

Where to Shop in Sifnos - Clothes, Jewelry & Ceramics

All happens in Steno, the main pedestrian street of Apollonia (the Champs Elysees of Sifnos really ...). Most shops open 10am to 2pm, beach/siesta time for all - back around 6pm until late late at night!


Oasis Contemporary Fashion Store - At the top end of Apollonia main street, Corina offers a rich selection of Greek designers clothes, from easy beach wear to chic outfits to make you turn into a Greek goddess (or so). Corina has on top of everything else, the best eye to help you pick up the perfect piece for you, out of her passion for clothes & great sense of style.

Colores - In the middle of the Steno, find Colores and its multi treasures, from the summer collection Wanda creates every year and which is always spot on for what our Greek summer needs: easy pieces, long coton skirts and light blouses, mixed with her hand picked selection of great brands (American Vintage, Hartford...).

You will find at Colores too a small, spot on, selection of home decoration, mostly curated by Wanda while she travels across India. Don't miss out her next door jewelery & accessories shop, always colourful and gypsy. Just like her.

Marilena - The last shop on the top of the Steno, bearing the name of its wonderful designer. All pieces are created by Marilena, and you may even have the chance to meet her there: she designs all times glamorous pieces, super summery for most of them, always feminine & playful. I love her work and make sure you check it out!


Ble jewelry - A lovely selection of locally handcrafted jewelery, from sea & island inspiration that you can feel in all the precise work and pieces. Great place to find a memory to bring home, for others or yourself.


You will find pottery workshops & shops across Sifnos, all working beautifully on traditional handcraft and bringing together classic pieces.

My personal favorite is Julie Tzanni, who offers a very distinctive approach and very modern touch to ceramics. Located in Exambela village, next to the supermarket Arades, you can visit her workshop and discover her home range, jewelery and creations, all divinely crafted. She ships all around the world, and trust me, you will ask her to!

Where to have a Drink in Sifnos - Bars

Reminder: Greek nights do start super late, so dont' be surprised if all seems very quiet until midnight, but then... get ready for the wildest of night...!

Botzi - Apolonia main street. THE institution of Sifnos. Been here for a loooong time. We danced on its bar, kissed on its roof (not supposed to go up there), argued on its street, laughed so much on its patio. I love this place, unique vibe, great music, cool drinks & such a lovely place to mingle in and be silly. We all need this right?

Rabagas - Apolonia main street. Great place to start off your evening, with a sophisticated cocktail served at the Bar (my favorite spot) or the comfy sofas of the place, very beautifully located in a garden on a back street of Apollonia.

Rabagas is a nice spot too for breakfasts, and holds as well a restaurant, with great style & perfect for special occasions, or romantic, quiet dinners.

I hope these few indications will help you touch in the magic of Sifnos!
Zoom off for your own adventures & share any comments or ideas you have with me!
With love. Always.

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